Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay a commission to an agent that brings the buyer?

Yes. To be listed in the MLS, you MUST offer a commission to a buyer’s agent (cooperating broker) who represents the buyer.

How much commission do I have to offer a buyers agent?

Contrary to how it seems, commissions are ALWAYS negotiable. The real estate industry has created this environment where a seller is expected to pay out a 6.0% commission which is traditionally split, 3.0% for the listing agent and 3.0% for the buyer’s agent. The problem with this way of thinking is that it does not account for how much easier it is to list a home today. A vast majority of homes are sold by exposure on the internet rather than expensive advertising or open houses. With that said, a buyer’s agent works very hard to bring you a buyer. That is why I feel their compensation is well deserved. Most of my clients offer 2.5% or 3.0% to a buyer’s agent and then when you add the ½% for our service you total commission is 3.0% or 3.5% rather than 6.0%.

What other fees can I expect to pay?

The fees you can expect to pay when using my service are: .5% commission  for my services and 2.5% or 3.0% commission to a buyer’s agent A sign $39.00 (no charge if you order photos) Professional Photos $135.00 and up (depending on square footage) A mechanical lock box at your local hardware $35.00 or lease a Realtor box $100.00. 

Fees you must pay no matter what service you use: Your half of the total escrow fee (not all fees are the same, see published rates) Title Insurance to transfer clean title, fees for recording and preparation The balance of your taxes Disclosure fees from your HOA Home Warranty (you don’t have to offer one) $350.00- $550.00 Pay off your mortgage Interest on your mortgage to the date of sale Any closing costs you are offering your buyer (very popular for a buyer to request a seller pay up to 3.0% in closing costs) Required repairs on the property.

I am happy to do and estimated worksheet for you.

What if I find my own buyer? 

You will still owe the .5% listing commission. However you can save the buyer side of the commission. If you want me to represent your buyer and you are willing to do the showings yourself, I only charge an additional .5% for a total of 1.0%.

Will you complete a Market Analysis? 

I am happy to provide you with an analysis to assist you in deterimining the current market value of your property. Please contact me to request one.

How about an open house?

I am happy to set up a free open house for you. My Home Group has many agents that would love to hold your home open for you. If you would like an open house scheduled, please let me know. Don’t forget you can always hold your own home open. Signs can be purchased at the local hardware store or you could get a colorful poster board and cut large arrows out of and write OPEN HOUSE on it to bring people in. Ask me about flyers.

How long does it take to get listed with you? 

As fast as you can complete the “My Listing Set Up” form and sign the documents. I must have at least one photo of the front of the home to list your home on the MLS. Professional photos require a short notice, normally not more than 24 hours. Photos must be paid in advance. The sign will be brought out the same day as the photos are taken. Once I have photos and your listing agreement back I can get you listed.